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BEEKEEPR + Custom BEE Strap

BEEKEEPR + Custom BEE Strap

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BEEKEEPR Wipes Dispenser Bundle includes BEEKEEPR & Custom Carrying Strap!


BEEKEEPR, the ONLY on-the go wipes dispenser with built-in trash compartment, supports you in life's everyday messy moments. Custom Carrying Strap ensures it's with you where you need it most!


  • Small Trash Compartment
    - Temporary waste receptacle with single-hand operation
    - Stash dirty wipes and small trash

  • Wipes Storage
    - Fits standardized wipe products
    - Holds whichever wipe brand you love most (tissue's too!)
    - Wipes stay in their original packaging & won't dry out

  • Honeycomb Holes
    - Hang your BEEKEEPR or attach accessories
    - Drop in your diaper bag or hang on your stroller or backpack 
  • Internal Spring
    - Keep even your last wipe within easy reach
    - Sick of digging for your last wipe? We were too!
  • Soft Material
    - BEEKEEPR material is buttery & soft
    - Once compared to lulu align material (truth!)


  • BEEKEEPR is 9 inches wide, 6.12 inches tall and 1.68 inches thick
  • Made to fit standardized wipe products 60 count or less
  • Perfect for a day out n' about!
  • Dishwasher Safe - Re-use & keep your BEEKEEPR clean! Life's messy, babes!


Introducing the BEE Custom Carrying Strap – the ultimate accessory to keep your BEEKEEPR within reach wherever you go! Made with vegan leather and durable Velcro, this strap securely attaches to your BEEKEEPR's Honeycomb Holes, offering versatile placement options.

Whether you're on the road, out for a stroll, or running errands, simply strap your BEEKEEPR to your car headrest, diaper bag, stroller, or backpack for easy access.


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