Hey, it's me, Lizzy

 Hey, I'm the Lizzy behind BEE 


In 2020 I began dreaming up and developing products aimed at making life more convenient for women & mama’s.


With a community of talent, including my co-founder, my dad, Dan, “The Danimal” we created the BEEKEEPR and successfully launched it on Kickstarter (gratitude overflowing for our BEE-Backers)!


Our products are designed with intention and love; our namesake reflecting both in honor of my Granny, Caroline, who loved her family above all else and endearingly called me Lizzy BEE.


This bizzness is a series of pinch-me moments and it all wouldn’t be here without you.


You are at the heart of every choice we make and from the bottom of my honeycomb heart,
thank you!