Behind the Buzz: The Evolution of BEE by lizzy b.

Behind the Buzz: The Evolution of BEE by lizzy b.

Hey Babe, welcome to our hive!

Where necessity meets innovation and passion fuels progress. Join us as we delve into the backstory of BEE by lizzy b., from our beginning!

Origins of Innovation: Creating Convenience

 It all started with a simple problem: the need for a convenient solution to dispose of used skincare wipes. As an aesthetician by trade, the first invention I pursued was an FDA approved sunscreen wipe. It was working on this product that led me to using wipes more frequently and finding when I was using them, I never had a convenient place to dispose of them. Thus, my market research began (mostly with the women in my hive who are Mothers) and the idea for the BEEKEEPR was born – a wipes dispenser with a built-in trash stash, providing a clean and convenient solution for using (and disposing of) wipes on-the-go.

SPF Wipes

Prototyping Perseverance: From Idea to Reality 

Through countless iterations and prototypes, the BEEKEEPR evolved from a makeshift concept to a fully functional product, thanks much in part to our local manufacturing partner, Sussex Injection Molding. Made with intentionality on convenience, user-friendliness, high quality design and material.

Expanding Horizons: Introducing the HONEE Dipper Skincare Applicator 

As a natural problem solver and convenience seeker I continued to innovate. In reality, I’m doing this all the time. Coincidentally, just this morning, I proposed an innovation to my husband (it involves a toilet seat…lol!). But I digress; I continued to innovate, and it led me to seek a solution to a problem I encountered throughout my almost 10 years of experience as a Clinical Aesthetician. Applying skincare can be complicated, messy, and costly due to the absorption of product to the palms of our hands. This led to the creation of our HONEE Dipper Skincare Applicator– a touchless skincare application tool designed to deliver products precisely where needed, reducing waste and maximizing efficacy. Our Patent Pending applicator also gently exfoliates and has a cooling eye piece that stays cool without refrigeration (depuffing, soothing goodness for the under eyes!). It’s truly a superior skincare application method and luxurious experience.

The Honeycomb Heart of BEE by lizzy b.: Convenience and Innovation 

At our core, BEE by lizzy b. is a convenience company. We’re driven by a commitment to identify pain points and innovate convenient solutions. Whether it's simplifying skincare application or providing practical solutions for on-the-go cleanup. Every product is crafted with intention, meticulously designed, and manufactured with luxurious “it girl” material. 

Join us on this journey of ideation, innovation and a hive that is a part of it all! 🐝

From the bottom of my honeycomb heart,


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