Giving Back

Giving Back

Here at BEE by lizzy b. , giving back isn't just a corporate strategy – it's woven into the fabric of who we are. From our beginnings to our present-day initiatives, our commitment to making a positive impact in our community is at the heart of everything we do.

Started from the BEEginning

For me, philanthropy isn't a foreign concept – it's a family tradition. My parents established our foundation, The Burkwald Family Foundation, when I was young. We (my brothers and I) were always included in foundation discussion and fund distribution decisions. This ethos of generosity is a part of our value system and noted in our founding values documented in 2021.

What Giving Back looks like for BEE

Corporate Partnership

Recognizing the challenges faced by parents returning from maternity leave, BEE established a corporate partnership program aimed at easing the transition. Employers can opt to provide BEEKEEPR as a gift to employees returning from leave, offering them a practical and thoughtful gesture to support their journey back to work.

Community Partnership

We love our local community and seek ways to support missions we believe in. Our current partnerships include non-profits, Islands of Brilliance, who empower neurodiverse artistry and Milwaukee Diaper Mission, serving and empowering Milwaukee families in need.

By aligning ourselves with organizations that share our vision for positive change, we amplify our impact and create meaningful opportunities for collaboration.

BEE Impact

The support for our causes is tangible, with success stories like our neurodiverse artist contracted through Islands of Brilliance, Kimmy. Accepted into college, Kimmy utilized her experience with BEE and showcased it to her peers as an example of her talent and artistic expression translated into real world branding and product packaging.

Honeycomb Heart Values

At the heart of our brand is a deep-seated belief in extending our values through action. This is exemplified in our work with our BEEKEEPR and our packaging which includes designs by our neurodiverse artist, Kimmy, donations of diapers and BEEKEEPR’s to Milwaukee Diaper Mission and the gifting of free HONEE Dipper Skincare Applicator’s to all aestheticians with solidified wholesale accounts.

Looking Ahead: Our Vision

As we look to the future of BEE, we remain steadfast in our commitment to giving back and supporting people and causes we care about. Our goals and aspirations are clear: to continue making a positive impact in our local community.

At BEE, we view supporting our local community as a privilege we share with our hive. We invite you to join us and from the bottom of our honeycomb heart, we thank you!


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